Bee Green

Why Green: because it's simply better... Bee Green

Our goal at Suburban Honey Bees is to act as a honey bee advocate and steward. We wish to educate the public about honey bees and to save them from future losses.

In recent years, there have been sharp increases in the loss of honey bee colonies. Bees are failing to return to their hives which causes the entire hive to die. Scientists call this loss: Colony Collapse Disorder. No one knows why the bees do not return to their hives.

Bees are magnificent little creatures who play an important role in our lives. They help to produce many of the foods which we eat. While a worker bee gathers nectar in a flower, pollen from the flower often sticks to her hairy body. The honey bee will generally visit a number of the same type of flowers in a patch. The bee will rub some of the pollen off from one flower to another and complete pollination. Bees pollinate more than 100 agricultural crops in the United States. These crops include apple, blueberry, watermelons, cantaloupe, cucumber, and citrus. Did you know that about one third of American's food is pollinated by honey bees? Haven't you seen the white wooden boxes or hives as you drove by an orchard? Those hives are a farmer's most important tool.

Help Suburban Honey Bees to save honeybees. Below is a video of our apiarist (me) saving a swarm.