Ways to Help Out: Bee Helpful

Honey Bees play an important role in producing our food. In recent years, there has been a dramatic decline in the number of healthy bee colonies or hives. Scientists are still trying to find a reason for this loss of life.

You can help to save and protect honeybees by creating a bee friendly garden, starting your own hive and by supporting your local beekeeper.

Create a Bee Friendly Garden

Bees are attracted to gardens with different types of flowers. They love flowers that are ultraviolet, blue, purple, or yellow. Honey bees prefer flowers with petals that form a landing platform, and have a sweet scent.

In my yard on Long Island, honey bees enjoy corn flowers, chives, apple, dandelion, squash and sedum.

Start a honeybee hive.

You can add to the health of your local ecosystem by starting a honeybee hive.

Why become a beekeeper? There is something Zen-like when I am working with the honey bees. It makes me feel closer to nature. A humming hive is a beautiful thing."

Attend a meeting with the Long Island Bee Keepers Club (http://longislandbeekeepers.org) every third Sunday of the month or contact your local bee keeping club for more information

Support your local beekeeper.

Buy honey and other products from your local beekeeper.

On Long Island, contact Craig Byer of Long Island Honey Bees at (631) 864-6900.


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